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Sit back, relax and read a blog post or 2 while you shop online!
My name is Laura and I am the face behind lauralou5586


Hi everyone. I'm Laura, also known as lauralou. Welcome to my world! I'm here to help you find balance and joy in your life by sharing tips and aesthetic routines to simplify your home and de-stress your mind. I believe that a tidy space leads to a tidy mind, and my goal is to help you achieve that. Join me on this journey to a more peaceful and organized life. Let me show you how to unlock the power of simplicity!

When I’m not blogging and vlogging, you’ll likely find me spending time with my family and my fur babies, Gizmo, Cinnamon and Tyke. Anybody who knows me will tell you I love to shop, I would shop in my sleep if I could! That's why I created this website.


As a working mum, between my commitments at home, and working full time, I never had the time to physically go to the department stores, spend time in shopping malls or on the high street. My retail life revolved around internet shopping and my go-to always ended up as Amazon. Once I downloaded the Amazon app that was it, I was off. I would shop while cooking the dinner, while watching the endless kids programmes, while waiting for my son to come out of his sports, the possibilities were endless. I have spent many years now building quite the portfolio of tried and tested quality products I have over the years purchased from Amazon, so I can personally attest to their value for money, and I am so glad to be able to share these curated product lists with you.  So, whether it's shopping for a birthday or Valentine's present, home accessories and furnishings, electrical appliances, organisation and accessories for your home and office, kitchen supplies and even certain food and drink brands that can only be bought online, I have done the leg work for you to save you both precious time and money, as nobody can put a price on your time.


Each of the categories in the shoppable links section, have been linked to that specific category on my Amazon storefront to make navigating the site quicker and easier. There is also a separate link to the main page of my Amazon storefront as not all of the posts there are linked on this site. 

I do earn a small amount of commission if a successful sale is made but this commission is paid by the seller and is at no expense to you. I hope you enjoy this site and my blog posts and at the top of the page you will find links to my social media pages where I regularly upload vlogs and various pieces of content creation. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who visits my website ❤️

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