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My Cookie Mix in a Jar! A Great Last Minute Money Saving Gift For Just About Any Occasion!

There's nothing worse than being invited to someone's house for a nice meal, a party or a BBQ and realising you've nothing to bring for the host or hostess. You look at the clock, realise it's already time for the shops to shut and start to panic! Well panic no more. These cookie jars are so ridiculously easy to make and most people have these dry ingredients in their kitchens anyway. The principle behind a cookie jar is that you provide the dry mix only, layered in an airtight jar with a set of instructions for the recipient to make at their leisure. All you need to do is measure out the dry ingredients, layer them in the jar, seal up the jar, print out the instructions and attach them to the jar along with a gift tag. It's certainly cheaper than quickly running to only the local shop that stays open late to grab a bottle of wine that costs twice the price compared to the local supermarket and on top of that, you've no idea if they will even like said wine. So why not give a cookie jar a go, especially if the person you've forgotten to buy for has kids, kids love cookies!

What you’ll need (makes 1 x 750g chocolate and walnut cookie mix in a jar, remember you can make multiple of these to give as gifts as they are designed to not only be delicious but also to save you money when giving as last minute gifts):

160 Caster sugar

1 teaspoon salt

300g plain flour

2 tablespoons corn flour

1.5 teaspoons baking powder

200g milk chocolate chips

100g chopped walnuts

Individual squares of chocolate x8

Measuring jug or bowls to measure out ingredients with



  1. Bottom layer: Measure out flour, baking powder and corn flour and add in a layer to the jar.

  2. Middle 2 layers: Measure out the chocolate chips and add these to form a layer, do the same with the chopped walnuts and add these to form a layer also.

  3. Top layer: Measure out the sugar and salt and add these to the top to form the top layer.

  4. Right on the top, place the squares of chocolate and seal the lid.

N.B: The jar(s) will need to remain upright to prevent the ingredients from mixing.


I hope you have enjoyed making your money saving cookies in a jar and had yourself some fun in the process. Remember, these can be gifted to anyone on any occasion that you need a last minute inexpensive gift for.

Now all you need to do is click on the instructions to download them and print them off. This can either be done on cardboard and tied to the top of the jar along with a gift tag or printed off and stuck to the jar. If you have a label printer, that would be even better.

Click to download these instructions
Chocolate and walnut cookies in a jar instructions

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Jan 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I found this idea marvellous for when I was dropping my kids off with my mum. She always likes doing baking with them so it was my way of helping out and, at the same time, keeping them occupied. They tasted good too!


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