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Skincare Part 2 - The Top 10 Beauty And Skincare Accessories To Keep In Your Boudoir To Keep You Looking Youthful & Glam Without The Need For Botox Or Fillers

In part 1 of this post, we covered skincare products that are definitely worth a try. They are well worth the monetary investment and leave your skin feeling amazing. If you’ve already ordered any of them, then you’ve got good taste! 😉 So, let’s have a look at which skincare and beauty accessories should be added to your “boudoir” to compliment your collection.


I’m going to level with you, when I’ve got make-up on. I quite like my face; it makes me feel confident. My skin feels silky smooth, my blemishes are concealed, the start of my “mature skin” eye lines are well hidden and considering I’m now definitely the wrong side of my 30s, I think my face looks okay. Having said that, every few weeks I get breakouts, dry cracked lips when I go from the nice cosy warmth of the house to the frosty bite of the icy winter air and I haven’t put any lip protection on, puffy eyes from a disturbed night’s sleep courtesy of having one of my fur babies plonk themselves directly slap bang in the centre of the bed forcing me to fall out and then behaving like a deadweight when I try to get them to move! But I suppose I’m not saying anything here that probably everybody has experienced in some shape or form at least 10 times in the past week. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look in the mirror in years to come and suddenly realise there is an old hag staring back at me, that not even a face full of war paint can disguise! So I’m going to share with you my top 10 skincare accessories that have become more like essentials, that I use to combat breakouts, de-puff my face, keep my lips moist and soft and make my whole skincare routine a breeze.


The top 10 skincare and beauty accessories to keep in your boudoir to keep you looking youthful and glam without the need for Botox and fillers.


10.  Blackhead remover tool set. Okay, confession time here, yes I am a huge fan of the TV shows where they remove blackheads and squeeze the cysts, it’s a guilty admission I like those shows! The problem is, when I see the people on them with the biggest blackheads going all I want to do is squeeze all that gunk out! There is something very satisfying about seeing that bad boy gone, especially when it’s on the face. There is nothing worse than looking at someone’s face and seeing the dreaded blackheads! Whether it’s the nose, the chin, the forehead, cheeks, wherever it is they’re like a beacon signalling and screaming out “squeeze me”. When it appears on my own face, I freak out and immediately out comes my own personal blackhead remover tool set and that gunk comes straight out.


9.     BloomSesame Make-up Remover Cloths for face. Available in a set of 6 or 12, these make-up remover cloths are fantastic for removing foundation cream and mascara which is usually really stubborn if using full coverage. The cloths make removing it a breeze with the added bonus of being fully washable and reusable so no need to feel guilty about throwing out a load of disposable cotton pads.


8.     Dots for Spots. I have before now, hidden my head inside my sweater or hoodie due to the sheer embarrassment of people seeing my face with what look like hormone induced volcanic growths on it! Since I discovered these little magic dots that both conceal the spots and nourish the skin with various ingredients to combat the spot and speed up the healing process, I’ve not had to worry about those ugly blemishes anymore. These get a very enthusiastic thumbs up!!!   


7.    Cosmetic headband and wrist wash band sets. These are a must for anybody who rigorously maintains a daily skincare routine. The headband does exactly as is says, it keeps the hairs away from your face allowing free access to the skin. The wrist wash bands help to keep water from going down your arms when washing your face over the sink. They also stop clothing on your arms from getting wet as well as wet patches on the floor below the sink area. These have been a part of my skincare routine for a long time now, particularly the headband as it is so comfortable I even wear it when I am lying in the bath.


6.    Cooling gel eye pads and gel eye mask. I don’t just use these for beauty purposes, these also function as a medical essential for me as I suffer from chronic migraines. When my head is acting up, I pop the gel eye mask in the freezer for 20-30 minutes until it is ice cold and then pop it over my eyes, temples and forehead. The cooling gel eye pads always sit waiting in my fridge for mornings when my eyes are feeling a bit tired and puffy and in need of a little soothing.


5.      Face rollers. I know that iced rollers are trending, and they do make a phenomenal difference to the skin when used correctly as they reduce any signs of puffiness and give a bright-eyed appearance, but I do actually prefer my Derma roller. If you’re not familiar with Derma rollers, they are little rollers, roughly about 10 to 15cm long, with a small cylindrical roller on the end that is covered with very thin, very tiny micro needles. The purpose behind a Derma roller is to gently but repeatedly pierce the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin fibre. The newer the collagen is in the skin, the younger and more youthful the skin looks and the stronger the skin is. This is especially good if you have acne scars or, like me, had scars from having chicken pox as a child.


4.      Compressed facial sponges. These little gems are amazing, I use them with my cleanser every 2 to 3 days. They are paper thin when dry, but when you run them under water, the cellulose in them expands and exposes some of the porous holes which provides the perfect surface for gently exfoliating the skin. They are ridiculously cheap and available in various shapes and colours. My favourites are the pink and white circular and the pink hearts. The best part is, cellulose sponges are made from natural wood fibres and contain no plastics and therefore are completely biodegradable so when you’re finished with one, you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment with plastic waste!


3.      Linage lip mask. Linage are famous for their lip masks and with good reason. The overnight berry mask is my favourite followed closely be the vanilla. Both masks hydrate and nourish my lips while I sleep and if it’s cold outside, I simply pop a little on before leaving the house and my lips are protected from the harsh winter temperatures.


2.    Compressed mini face towels. Your skincare basics are not complete without these, I absolutely love them and use them every day. I even carry half a dozen round with me in my bag and have about 10 in my car. Imagine a face towel compressed into something that resembles the size of a Mentos mint, both in size and shape! All you need to do to make it expand to the size of a face towel, is add a little water and bam, a hygienically clean fresh face towel! Since I discovered these, they have become an essential, in my make-up bag, for my skincare, in my bathroom, in the car, for travel, even for the animals!


1.      Clean Skin Club clean towels XL. This has to be the best skincare accessory by far. These cleansing towels are an absolute game changer, especially if you suffer with breakouts and/or acne. I always get breakouts along my jaw line and on my chin around that time of the month but since I’ve been using these, my breakouts have been minimal. The best part about these cleansing towels is you are using a completely clean towel each time you are washing your face so you’re not introducing harmful bacteria into open pores, the flip side of this is your pores remain clean and therefore breakouts are minimal. If breakouts do happen which is something unfortunately us women do tend to get at certain times of the month thanks to our hormones, the time the breakouts last is also minimal when using these. These cleansing masks definitely get a 10/10!  


Obviously, we all have our own inventory of beauty and skincare accessories we like to keep in our personal boudoirs, depending on our needs and budgets, so this simply a snapshot of what I would consider my top 10. I'm a firm believer that sharing is caring so if I find something good, I think it should be shared with the world so everyone has the opportunity to try it for themselves.

Are there any other skincare and beauty essentials that haven't been included for any reason but should be?

Other essentials I use, maybe not as frequently as those mentioned in my top 10, but I would certainly consider worth you giving a try are the At Home Face Mask Maker. You simply add a specified amount of water, pulverised/juiced fruit, vegetables, honey, yogurt etc to the machine along with a collagen tablet and the machine creates a nourishing face mask for you. Once you're done with the face mask, simply throw it on the compost heap or with the food waste recycling! It's a healthy option for you and for the environment.

I am also guilty of loving the mini skincare fridge. The colder temperature slows down the oxidation process which in turn make serums last a lot longer than storing them outside of the refrigeration. As the primary ingredients in tissue face masks tends to be serums, not only will you make the mask itself more effective but the cooler temperature will also make the mask a lot more soothing. Tissue and gel face masks, under eye masks, eye creams, serums, facial rollers etc all work better when they are very cold so storing them in a mini fridge that is dedicated to your skincare needs is a no-brainer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as well as part 1 and to make finding the products I've mentioned a little easier, I've linked each product to the various places they can be purchased so if you like the sound of one of the products, simply click the hyperlink and you will be taken to the seller's website where you can find the necessary product information and price.

My blog relates to everything lifestyle, home and organisation so as always, if you have anything specific you wish me to do a blog post on, please feel free to send me a quick email at or message me directly on any of the social media channels linked on the website's homepage. Thank you to all you beautiful people who have already sent messages with various questions and suggestions for things you wish me to create posts about and the content creation you wish to see on my social media channels 😉 your feedback is very much appreciated xx 🫶❤️

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